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The Good

Hats off to Brian Flores and his staff on their first win. He has been dealt a tough hand and his team's performance has improved recently. Beating the Jets at home was absolutely awesome to watch.

Ryan Fitzpatrick turned on the Fitzmagic in the first half yesterday. He was decisive, accurate and bringing out the best in his surrounding players. He went right after a bad Jets secondary and made them pay for mistakes. Now that we are off the silly 0-16 project there is no reason to not see if Fitzpatrick can engineer a hot streak for the 2nd half of the season.

Hello Preston Williams, Mike Gesicki and Devante Parker! Williams had his breakout game and keep in mind he is still a rookie so hiccups are still to come. He is positioning himself to be a top weapon in this offense if he can produce a few games like this every season. Parker has blossomed as a consistent, number 2 type option as a receiver. Chad O'Shea has uncovered what previous regimes could not. And Gesicki, well people didn't even know if he'd make the team this year and he is growing each week into the guy we expected when drafted in April 2018.

Christian Wilkins. A sack, tackle for a loss, constantly disrupting the line of scrimmage and making sure to celebrate with every single teammate who made a great play. This is a guy I hope remains a Dolphin for his entire career. He'll make a difference on the field and in the locker room.


The Bad

It was a great day for the team but the offensive line still has issues. Bad snaps, penalties, allowing too much pressure on Fitzpatrick, not opening a lot of running lanes... We've come to expect this by now. None of these guys have secured a starting job for next season and while they weren't at their worst yesterday it still is a concern.


The Ugly

Adam Gase and Sam Darnold. Gase has clearly lost his team and is ruining a very good young QB. He should be fired because it sounds like that locker room is toxic. Darnold had a turnover problem in college and it followed him to the NFL. You can't simply chuck it up and expect your receivers to make a highlight grabs all the time. This is NFL competition, not the University of Nevada. He's capable of so much more and needs a good coach.

Miami fans crying about "the tank." Seriously, go somewhere else if you think the team had to be 0-16. Everyone who complained about 2012 and not getting Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III because Matt Moore helped win meaningless games, well Luck is retired, RG III has been a backup for years and the two most successful QBs in that draft - Russell Wilson and Nick Foles - were Day 2 picks. It drives me nuts that the Dolphin Twitter brigade has been trying to force fans into believing it must be a Tua 1st overall selection next April. I like Tua and would be happy to have him as a Dolphin, but stop with him being the only solution to turning the team around.

This win was long overdue but it felt great to come against a division rival and former coach. Keep in mind that Miami is still a very bad team and they beat an opponent who is currently imploding. I wouldn't get my hopes up that this team will go on a run, but I think they'll be more competitive. The OL just isn't good and the No Name Secondary will get shredded by better QBs. Just enjoy the moment and hope that some of these young guys continue to look like building blocks rather than stopgaps.

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