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Back in August, our friends at the Football Betting Center had the Dolphins at a 35:1 chance of going to the Super Bowl. Maybe they were the smart ones and didn't buy the hype of an upgraded roster. They saw the Joe Philbin/Kevin Coyle effect and had us as the 13th best team in the NFL. They put us as the 8th best AFC team which meant no playoffs anyways. Now, that is interesting, isn't it?

They had Amari Cooper to win Offensive ROY, not our DeVante Parker, and that is turning out to be correct. The New York Jets won the odds for the most player arrests.

Everyone ancknowledges that this is the best roster the Dolphins have had in years. Our new Head Coach, Dan Campbell, was not shy to pump up expectations of what he has inherited.

This is my sixth season with the Miami Dolphins, and this is the most talented roster we have had in those six years. We have plenty of talent. I feel there’s a lot more we can get out of these guys.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

It is no doubt that you've seen the video clips of a new tough head coach. He's not the screamer that Tony Sparano was, and he's not "one of the nicest coaches I've ever met" as SI's Peter King said in his MMQB article last Monday. Campbell is a guy that also played with toughness for the New York Giants at the tight end position. He is someone that the players respect and are excited to play for. How did he start off his first practice? He had them doing the Oklahoma Drill. I wonder who had to face off against Suh.

I get the impression that Campbell is in the mold of a Bill Cowher type of a coach. I like his mindset and personality.


What is fair to expect from Dan Campbell this year?

Keep in mind that these Dolphins have been in this offensive and defensive system throughout training camp, preseason, and a month into the season. You do not turn the big ship around immediately. It would be unfair to expect that from anyone. The culture has got to change, and Campbell started the process by adding an assistant head coach to help overseas the offensive playcalling, and by firing Kevin Coyle. He understood the offensive problems, so, he fixed that first. After studying the defense he had no choice but to let Coyle go. Otherwise, it would be the status quo.

The Dolphins are 1-3, but keep in mind they are a very bad 1-3. To me, after such a poor start, a successful season would be 8-8 or 9-7. If he gets this then he did a good job and should be considered for the head coaching job.


What the heck is wrong with Ross?

My mind could not grasp the fact that Ross told Philbin after the loss to the Jets that they would continue the status quo and hope the team rides it out to success? Are you freaking kidding me?? It wasn't until Tannenbaum came into the picture and wanted Philbin to fire an assistant or two that Philbin was let go because he refused to fire anyone. The structure needs to change, and the General Manager needs to be given the power to fire and hire the head coach.

Don't think that Tannenbaum isn't managing for his job. He spent a lot of money (once again), and the team isn't showing anything for it. Of course, we know that Ross will not fire him, but Tannenbaum believes he made the right decisions for the current roster and his talent has been mismanaged. We've known this for a long time. Who would have thought that Coyle would change Suh's aggressive one-gap technique to a two-gap read and react technique. Who would have thought that Lazor and Philbin would keep our awful guards in the game without working others into their positions. Douglas has been horrible, and Dallas Thomas is his usual ugly self.

Yes, Ross has been the problem with this team as he has refused to fire Philbin because he likes him. That is not good football sense at all. If Ross really loves this team then he needs to be a bigger part of the team by actually showing up during the week of practice. Let his football minds make the correct football decisions.


The Next Head Coach Should Be ....

The media will throw out a lot of names right now. Do not pay any attention to them. Hue Jackson? Give me a break. We need to focus on this season right now, and we'll make a decision on the new coach after the season. I would like to give Dan Campbell a shot to win the job. While he has had head coach aspirations, he was not afraid to risk his career on a floundering team .... unlike Jim Schwartz who did not want to tarnish his chances by refusing to run our defense.

If Ross would have listened to me, our head coach should be the one coaching the Bills right now. No matter as what is done is done. It's Campbell time.


Miko Grimes and Omar Kelly

Omar Kelly criticized Ryan Tannehill for things that he did not say, and it was based on Miko Grimes slanderous accusations against Tannehill. Can we shut them both up?


Go Dolphins!

Big Dave

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