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It's only the halfway mark of the season, but after a two game losing streak, the rats are jumping off the Miami Dolphins playoff ship. Let's also mention that one of those losses was a blowout loss to the Ravens. Can this be true? Should we consider the season lost and pray for a "Suck for Luck" finale to this season? You know, we could use a high ranking quarterback. Unfortunately, QB is not the issue on this team as we do have Tannehill, and getting a QB equal to Andrew Luck, if one even exists in this draft, will not improve the Dolphins much. Look at the trouble Luck has had with the Colts due to their offensive line woes.

Here is what the sports analysts at MyTopSportsbooks foresees:

The Dolphins are 4-4 and in the thick of the AFC Wild Card race, sitting just one game back of division rival Buffalo for the final postseason berth. But all is not well in South Beach, the Phins have just a 6/1 chance (14.3%) to make the playoffs. Why is this number so down on the team after they made a surprise playoff push just last year? Myriad reasons: (1) they have a -63 point differential; (2) they are second-last in the league in DVOA (per FootballOutsiders); and (3) they still have to play the Patriots (twice), Chiefs and Panthers on the road. Expect significant regression in the back half of the year.

That is what "money" is telling us. Their first point is the -63 differential. That is a valid point as Jay Cutler has taken over a month into the season to shake off the rust after missing our offseason program. It would have taken even longer if Cutler did not have some experience in our system. I have to say that I am very pleased in the chemistry that he has with his receivers. But, at this stage of his career, he cannot win without help, and that is where the -63 point differential kicks in. I can't argue about the tough schedule in their 3rd point. It's going to be murderous, but this team has been good at taking it one game at a time. If we can beat the Falcons then we can beat just about anyone in my opinion.


Where is the run game that we expected?

A lot of blame was put on Jay Ajayi's freelancing for the home run as he was accused of not hitting the hole but trying to get the home run, but let's be honest: where is the hole? Oh, they are there, but they close up very quickly, so, there is some validity in Gase's complaints. Perhaps we can give our running backs shoehorns to help them fit through those narrow holes. We did get a little insight into Ajayi's troubles last week when our running backs had more production than Ajayi did as a starter. It was a different style of offense, but reminiscent of Gase's offenses before he came to Miami. So, maybe losing Ajayi will help this team out this year after all as they trust Coach Gase to hit the assigned hole even if it isn't there.


Where are those great receivers that we have?

I still believe that the Dolphins have the best trio of receivers in Devante Parker, Jarvis Landry, and Kenny Stills. The Dolphins have the great hands and leaping ability of DeVante Parker who has a highlight catch every game. The Dolphins have one of the best and toughest receivers in Jarvis Landry who is fearless going over the middle and is very elusive after the catch. And Kenny Stills is still the deep threat who excels at finding a way to get past the secondary on a deep route; unfortuantely, due to the lack of time he hasn't been many passes if any thrown deep to him. Nope, it isn't them, but it is the blocking by the offensive line. Coach Gase has had to hurry up the assignments trying to get the ball out of Cutler's hand quickly. This is because we cannot run the football, and it is also because of the little time that Cutler has to throw the ball.


What about those first round picks on the Offensive Line?

Now, we're getting at the heart of the problem on the offense. Gase understands how fragile their confidence is and always tries to say something positive about that offensive line, but they are just bad. The Dolphins have invested heavily in the offensive line in the draft, but you wouldn't know it. LT Lamery Tunsil is not as good as advertised, but he is above average. I feel safe having him at LT, but he is no Jake Long (boy, do I miss that guy). C Mike Pouncey used to be a man we could always count on, but he is struggling majorly in run blocking. I seriously think the Dolphins should go on without him next year as his injury issues are affecting his play. RT Juwan'an James has had an impressive year this year, but we have now lost him for the season with a bad hamstring injury. The Dolphins have drafted guards in the 3-5 rounds and have flopped on every single one of them. You cannot fault them for drafting guards in that area of the draft, because that is where teams do find their guards, but our evaluation of the guard position has been poor. And the free agents that we signed to play the guard positions is not working. Perhaps we shouldn't go for the over-the-hill offensive linemen who's best years were several years ago.


What about that expensive defensive line?

The Dolphins invested a lot of money in their defensive line, but let's face it ... all are majorly overpaid except for Cam Wake. I love Suh, but he makes more than some starting quarterbacks around the league. It's not his fault. It's the guys who signed him to that contract. Why if our defensive line not getting to quarterbacks more than we thought? It is because offenses have figured us out in that we have two very young cornerbacks and linebackers who cannot stop the pass. Tight ends are having their best games against Kiko Alonzo, and he isn't getting any safety help. Perhaps our safeties are busy helping out our young cornerbacks.



Come on. What I wrote about above is what the experts are seeing and why they think the wheels are falling off. As a true fan, I look at things with my Miami Dolphins glasses on. We have good coaches and a lot of heart on this team. While Coach Gase does have the worst "rated" offense in the NFL, this team has a lot of heart. That is what all the close wins tells us about this team. We could be down 3 touchdowns in the first half and come back to win it in the 2nd half. TJ McDonald is now officially with the Dolphins, so, expect tight ends to be dealt with better in a scheme adjustment by Coach Burke. Teams do not run well against us, as we hit hard. DeVante Parker is healthy again, so, expect the passing game to get better and for Landry to be able to find holes.



I'm thinking 9-7, but that offensive line of our concerns me. The good news is that the backups are not too much worst than the starters (which is depressing news). So, sit down and try to enjoy the game. Worst case is that we may have some high picks next year to fix some of the holes that we have. I'm going to leave you with two great plays from last week's game: The Block, and the Strip-Sack.




Go Fins!

Big Dave


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